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Laser Hair Surgery FAQs

Laser Hair Surgery has proved to be a promising treatment for hair removal, for both men and women, in certain area of their body where hair growth is in excess. There are few factors that make the process simpler for surgeons while on the other hand complications might also creep in for particular type of patients. If you are considering laser surgery for your hair the following set of FAQs will surely help you clear the initial cloud of confusion regarding the surgery procedures and possible side effects. If you have any more queries other than these make sure you clear them before going for the surgery from an experienced surgeon.

    Q. What does a Laser Hair Surgery Treatment actually mean?

    A. If you opt for this kind of surgery your surgeon will discuss the treatment with you before taking any action. He will then carry out a test treatment on a patch of your skin to determine how your hair responds to the laser, whether you will require a bleach to be done on your hair, etc. The actual treatment involves, removing the surface hair of the area to be treated with the help of shaving cream. To minimize the pain he surgeon will then apply anesthetic cream over the surface as the laser generates heat which can cause burns.

    Q. Do I need to stay in the hospital for a few days after or before the surgery?

    A. Of course not! Laser Hair surgery unlike any other surgery does not require you to have a hospital stay. This type of surgery can be done inside a doctor's cabin and once the surgery is done you can return back home within a few hours.

    Q. How much time does a Laser hair surgery require?

    A. The duration of the treatment for laser hair surgery will entirely depend on the body area covered in the surgery. If a small patch of skin is undergoing treatment like the upper lip then it will take the surgeon less than 10 minutes to operate on it whereas larger area like back or legs will require more than an hour to operate.

    Q. How many sittings will be required to completely eradicate the hair growth in a particular part of the body?

    A. During surgery only the hair in the growing phase will get affected. Every hair may not have the same growing rate. To eradicate all the hair from a particular area a couple of sittings may be required spaced out within a month's time.

    Q. How much pain can I expect during the surgery?

    A. Pain is mostly in the form of a burning sensation due to the laser beam falling on your skin. Most surgeons apply an anesthetic cream which will take care of the pain and minimize it with its numbing effect.

    Q. Any post surgery tips?

    A. Here are a few tips that you may follow once the surgery is over. Be aware that the skin that has undergone treatment might get swollen. Apply the cream that the surgeon recommended and this swelling will fade in couple of days. Avoid exposing this patch of skin to the sun for atleast a week. Make use of mild soaps to cleanse this portion of the body.


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