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Hair removal laser surgery

Laser hair surgery serves as a lucrative option for permanent hair removal as compared to the other traditional methods. The laser works by sending energy into the pigment of the hair shaft, which is absorbed by the surrounding follicle. The heat generated by this process damages the follicle and stops hair production in the area exposed to it

The goal of this site is to clear the initial blur of confusion regarding a laser hair surgery procedure and make aware of a number of possible outcomes from a Permanent hair removal surgery procedure done with laser systems. Find out the most basic information of hair, its growth procedure and how exactly does laser hair surgery help to wipe out hair growth from a particular section of your body.

We will first learn what the basic nature of human hair is and its growth pattern. Human hair basically comprises of a bulb located at the base of hair follicle that generates the hair, a shaft and the hair follicle itself. The hair can be seen by humans since it is at the top while the shaft and bulb remains hidden beneath the scalp. When we want to achieve a permanent hair removal goal the roots of the hair from where growth is stimulated needs to be eliminated. Bulbs form the roots of a hair hence they are required to be wiped out first. Bulbs can be available only when the hair growth cycle is active hence hair removal laser surgery needs to be done a couple of times to ensure complete eradication of these bulbs.

Laser systems have a light energy source within it. This light energy induces sufficient amount of heat while it is passing through the skin. It then targets the dark colored pigment, melanin, within the hair for its process. This light energy has the ability to disable the follicle's functioning to generate hair without causing harm to the surrounding body tissues.

There are few things you need to take care before scheduling a laser hair surgery. Having tanned skin makes the surgical procedure complex. Do not expose your skin to sun at least a week before permanent laser hair removal surgery. If there is any other medical treatment you are undergoing parallel with the surgery make sure to inform your surgeon about it. The area that you want a hair removal laser surgery to be done must be shaved at least three days prior to surgery. Apart from this follow any other instruction your surgeon may ask you to.

The color of your skin makes a large impact on the results of a laser hair removal treatment process. Light skin makes permanent laser hair removal surgery a mush easy task for the surgeon. Light skin will require fewer treatments and yield better results. Darker skinned people can be treated, but results tend to be slower, requiring more sessions and greater expertise since their hair color matches to the base color of the skin.

The contrast is true in case of hair color. Dark hairs are easy and effectively treated by laser surgery as compared to blonde or red hair.


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