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Laser Hair Removal

People have become more conscious of their looks in recent years. It is now a common trend to get facial errors amended with a hi-tech cosmetic surgery. Amongst the various reasons for a cosmetic surgery, hair removal surgery is the most widely chosen by people. Both men and women want to get rid off the unwanted hair on their body with the help of latest hair removal techniques used by skilled surgeons round the globe.

There are different hair removal techniques that are broadly classified under two categories - traditional and modern techniques. Depilatories, epilators, shavers, waxing kits and electrolysis are the traditional hair removing techniques while as intense pulsed light and laser systems are the modern hair removal techniques. Traditional methods are often a temporary solution for hair removal unlike modern methods that help to eradicate the growth of hair completely from a specific area. Excessive hair growth may cause diseases in case of women who experience excess hair growth during menopause and pregnancy.

Hair Removal Laser Surgery accentuates the use of the light energy coming from a laser to discard the unwanted body hair. In recent times, laser hair surgery has proven to be the only alternative for removing body hair, either in a small area or of a large area, permanently but with little or no pain. Laser hair removal treatment is a non-invasive method and does not need any surgical instruments or chemicals for its process. In one sitting you can get rid of more than thousands of hair from large areas of your body such as back, shoulders, arms and legs, etc.

Every kind of surgery has some limitations. Similarly with laser hair surgery some patients might experience hair re-growth later which seldom occurs. The hairs that grow back are much finer and have a light shade of color compared to the previous hair color. Although laser Hair Surgery promises to be a permanent solution to eradicate hair growth but this may require patience at the patients end. At times, depending on the hair type you may need to go in for multiple sessions of the laser hair removal surgery, which would not be economically affordable to you.

Laser hair removal surgeries can turn out to be a pricey treatment if required to be done more than once. Generally 2 to 3 sessions are required to have satisfactory results from laser hair surgery but with specific patients the treatment can last as long as 6 sessions. Apart from the cost, other laser hair removal side effects like scars, swelling, burns, etc. could be possible outcomes of a laser hair surgery that normally disappear in few hours from surgery. But these occur very rare and most susceptible to such side effects are dark skinned people. Make sure you consult everything with the surgeon you are getting the hair removal laser surgery done well in advance to avoid any costly mistake later. Also while selecting a surgeon for the laser hair surgery do a little research on the surgeon's experience and number of surgeries he has performed so far. The more experienced surgeon he is the better result you can expect from your surgery.

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